The Elevator Pitch

What is the elevator pitch? Imagine that you are in the elevator and the employer that you want to work for or a prospective client coincidentally gets on. In the short time that the two of you are in the elevator, how would you introduce yourself? What are the most important things you want the person to know about yourself that will make him/her remember you after you leave? This elevator talk is famously known as the elevator pitch or elevator speech.

The purpose of an elevator pitch is to give a short speech of who you are, what you do, your skills and accomplishments, and how you can be a resource to your listener all in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty to sixty seconds.

Why is the elevator pitch important?

Whether you are trying to raise capital, promote your product, or promote yourself, an elevator speech is a great marketing tool to induce prospective employers and clients. If your conversation inside the elevator is strong and compelling, chances are the conversation will continue after the elevator ride, potentially leading to the exchange of business cards or a scheduled meeting. Thus, it is important to utilize elevator speech tips to help you create the perfect elevator pitch.

Contrary to the term, the elevator pitch is not only used in elevator rides! In fact, you can use this pitch just about anywhere, such as a networking event, a job fair, or even in your LinkedIn summary. With a great pitch, you can get clients from social gatherings, business mixers, and chance meetings.

Read elevator speech examples and write an elevator pitch. Practice saying it aloud to your friends and family and ask for suggestions. It is helpful to memorize this speech because you never know who you will meet and when you will need to use your elevator pitch!