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What is Fear? What Causes Fear?

FEAR stands for Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real

Fear is the greatest threat humans face today. What exactly is fear? It is a response to potential physical and emotional danger that all humans have experienced in their lifetime. Although fear helps protect us by making us more alert to danger and cautions us to be careful, often times our minds create irrational fears by imagining events that may never even happen. The important thing is to avoid empowering our fears to the point where it adversely influences our actions and decisions.

Causes of Fear / Why Do We Fear?
Before one can learn to overcome their fears, it is helpful to recognize a few of the causes of fear. Keep in mind that what causes fear varies from person to person and also depends upon personal experience and personality. Below are just a few of the reasons why some people have fears:

1)      Childhood trauma – If you suffered from fears and anxiety when you were a child, it can have a negative impact in later life
2)      Social conditioning – Social forces and the way we were brought up may contribute to causing certain fears
3)      Traumatic event – You may have experienced a huge crisis, such as being in an accident, that may cause you to become traumatized and fearful
4)      Current news – The unfortunate events and crimes that occur in our world can contribute to the formations of certain fears

10 Effects of Fear
Fear affects the body and the brain, thus having both physical and mental side effects. Having some fears can be normal and healthy but often times, our fears are unnecessary and can be overcome with enough effort. Below are some consequences of having irrational fears:

1)      Health issues
2)      Anxiety
3)      Undermines confidence
4)      Insecurity
5)      Hinders logical thinking and action (inability to focus)
6)      Depression
7)      Stress
8)      Relationship problems
9)      Procrastination
10)   Insomnia

Knowing these effects should make you realize that having prolonged, irrational fears can be very detrimental to your life. This means that we should not allow our minds to create and believe stories of possible events as if they were real. The good part is that, with enough effort, you can practice ways to overcome your fears. Overcoming fear is a difficult task but it is not impossible. Follow these tips to help you face your fears!