By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail – Benjamin Franklin

Interview Questions

What Are Your Weaknesses?
How to answer the weakness interview question without jeopardizing your chances of getting the job.

What Are Your Strengths?
How to answer the greatest strengths interview question without being generic.

Tell Me About Yourself
Do you know how to answer this popular interview question and make a good first impression?

What Do You Know About Our Company?
Tips on how you should answer this common interview question.


Interview Tips

15 Ways to Ace an Interview
Interview tips and techniques to help you win at your interview and get the job!

15 Things Not To Do During an Interview
Wondering why you’re not getting call backs? Make sure you avoid these interview don’ts!

6 Ways to Research a Company
Tips on how to research a company and what information to look out for.

10 Best Questions to Ask During an Interview
Come prepared with a list of good questions to ask the employer at the end of a job interview.

10 Questions Not to Ask in an Interview
Don’t ask the employer these questions during a job interview.

How to Write an Elevator Speech 
6 easy steps to writing an elevator ptich

Illegal Job Interview Questions
Examples of illegal employment interview questions and how to handle them if asked.

How to Ace a Phone Interview
Top 15 tips on mastering  your next phone job interview.

Elevator Speech Tips
3 Elevator pich tips to keep in mind when creating your elevator speech


Types of Interviews

Phone Interview Etiquette
With phone interviews becoming more common in the job interview process, it is important to follow proper telephone etiquette.

Lunch Interviews
Ace your next lunch job interview with these meal etiquette tips!

Structured vs. Unstructured Interviews
Difference between structured and unstructured interviews