Help for College Students

4 Year College Path

Renting vs. Buying Textbooks
Should you buy or rent college textbooks?

Choosing a Major
Having trouble deciding on a major? Try 5 easy ways to help you choose.

How do I Decide on a Career?
Tips on choosing a career

What is a Scholarship?
Need help paying for your college expenses? Apply to full scholarships or partial scholarships!

How to Get a Scholarship
A list of the best places to find college scholarships!

Advice for Freshmen in College
First year in college? Read more for tips to help you prepare for your freshman year.

Advice for Sophomores in College
After finishing your freshman year in college, follow these tips to help you get started with your sophomore year.

Advice for Juniors in College
As you are getting closer to your graduation year, the following tips will help you stay on track so that you can make the most out of your college years!

Advice for Seniors in College
The following tips make a good checklistĀ to prepare for your upcoming graduation.

College Book RentersĀ 
Reasons why you should rent textbooks and a list of the top textbook rental sites

How to Rent Textbooks
5 easy steps to renting a textbook

Graduate School

How Long Should I Study For the GMAT?
Consider these 3 factors during your preparation for the GMAT exam.

How to Study for the GMAT
GMAT tips and strategies to help you study and ace your GMAT test.

Top GMAT Books
The best GMAT books to help you prepare for the GMAT.

Why Go to Graduate School?
What are the benefits of attending grad school? Do the advantages of going to grad school outweigh its costs?

6 Reasons Not to Go to Graduate School
Aside from time and money, consider other reasons why graduate school may not be the best option for you.